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April 23, 2011


George Russell

When I am with my nephew (my biological son), I am in the stream of his impulses, most of them joyful, and slightly guiding him. His absolute delight, and the fascination he has with everything he comes across, is like an after-work undertow that disorients me from my habitual and often negative thoughts. What if every thing and every event in my life were a potential toy, like they are for Griffin?

Robin Dellabough

Yes, children and dogs know the secret to living in the present with a sense of delight. For us "grownups," it seems to take a lot of serious work. Good for you to put in all the work and congratulations on the payoffs that are rolling in like waves of joy.


I love the image of Griffin viewing every thing and event as a potential toy, and the disruption it creates in our serious adult world. I've been carrying it with me the past few weeks. I wouldn't trade being an adult for being a child (yeah, too much of a control freak) or a dog, and never really got the "dog is god spelled backward" idea (god eats THAT????). But I love and try to learn from the serious fun they have in the world.

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