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May 31, 2011


Nancy Angiello

A beautiful essay and many provocative subjects addressed in a graceful, thoughtful way. Hands have such profound symbolism. Thank you for this lovely piece...and you've made me want to see the film!


Thank you, Nancy, for your kind words. I'm not sure what it is about hands -- maybe that they're so important to touch and how we discover the world; maybe it's just so many years of seeing them pressed into sidewalks ("I was here!") and in children's fingerpaintings... They do have profound symbolism, and seeing them in the film reaching out across time in the caves, I found simultaneously exciting (wow!) and comforting.

Chris Cory

“The ability to make tools defines us less than the need to create belief systems.” That, to me, sums up the persistence of religons and, while not a new thought, bears repetition and reflection. If you haven't already, this new reader hopes you'll deal with the, I think, Freudian concept of religion as a (mere) projection of needs, and with Jungian archetypes.



Thanks, Chris. It's been a long time since I've read Jung and Freud; it'd be good idea to revisit them in context of the spiritual-New-York, comparative-traditions tour I've started on. The "(mere)" parenthetical is key -- can longings ever be mere?

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