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May 23, 2011


Susan Davis

Hi Jon,
This is exciting. I'm going to read more about Gregg Levoy and get his book Callings. I'm also going to look at your links here. Thank you for your article!
Good luck with your journey!
Your cousin,


Thanks for your post, Susan! I think you'd like the book, and from our conversations, think you'd find a lot to relate to in it. And ask me every few months how things are going -- it will help me be accountable to my dream. ;) Jon

Angelina Carpenter

Hey, Jon, I didn't find what I was seeking earlier, but did find this. Saying yes to my calling was much like this- and so true that is had been with me for a long time.

I especially like this.

"O’Donohue deems it one of the “debilitating” tragedies of our time that the inner, invisible world has been overtaken by the outer, material world. “I feel there is an evacuation of interiority going on in our times,” he says.

We need to learn to draw back inside ourselves. It is there that we’ll find beauty,... "

I am not Susan, but I will ask-so how's it going on those dreams?

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